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Leftover rice Part XIII

Leftover rice can be refurbished with chutney powder. Dry roast grated coconut as much as the leftover rice and keep it aside. Dry roast 1/3rd part of chana dalia and place it aside. Pour ¼ teaspoon cooking oil into a heated kadhai and stir fry as many red chiilis as required to go with the rice and coconut to place it aside.

Coarsely grind the chillis and chana dalia. The consistency of the ground powder should be a little coarser than a fine powder and not too coarse. Pour 2 teaspoons cooking oil in another preheated kadhai. Add 1 teaspoon cumin seeds and 1/3rd teaspoon ajwain to season. Now add the ground powder into the kadhai. Mix well.

Sprinkle 1/4th teaspoon asafetida in the kadhai. Mix well. Add as much salt as required for the rice and the coconut. Adding 1/4th teaspoon turmeric powder is optional. Stir well and add the coconut. Mix well. Then add the leftover rice and mix well. This tastes well with any raita. It also goes well with red kidney bean (rajma) dish. Same way, we can make tamarind rice, lemon rice and brinjal rice and other mixed vegetable rice.

We have finished salty dishes made from leftover rice. Soon we will be beginning to post sweet dishes made out of leftover rice.

To be continued…

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