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The Secret Power of a Compliment

The Secret Power of a Compliment.  Coach Vikram, Executive, Leadership and Career Development Coach tells us the importance of a compliment.

The Secret Power of a Compliment

In the dictionary, a compliment is described as “a formal act or statement of kindness or regard.” You may have more of an impact on someone than you realise when you show respect for them by praising their behaviour, talents, abilities, acts of kindness, tasks well done, etc. An excellent complement emphasises the good aspects of the other person. While taking what’s right for granted, we might become specialists in pointing out what’s wrong with something or someone. Never undervalue the impact of praise while establishing connections and relationships with others. Being able to compliment someone authentically and honestly can completely change how that person perceives you since a well-given compliment reaches the essence of who that person is. A strong complement is a gift of genuine attention you give to others as a means to show your appreciation and promote goodwill.

Rules for Complimenting Others

  • Be Particular

Here are four easy rules for making the most of a compliment’s genuine power:

Make your compliment specific as well as authentic in order to get it appreciated. Don’t be evasive while complimenting someone. Be aware of the motivation behind your desire to commend someone and then express it to them. People enjoy hearing that their efforts in both their personal and professional lives are appreciated. When you give someone praise for an accomplishment or performance, they become inspired to move forward and improve in the future.

  • Appreciate their personality

Compliments ought to highlight a person’s virtues. You should congratulate the person for being the person they had to be to accomplish the feat. This will ensure that the compliment is genuine and that it sticks in the recipient’s memory. This is one of the key explanations for why compliments are such a potent relationship-building technique.

  • Be Genuine

Contrary to popular belief, praise is not flattery. False praise is ineffective and often damaging. Don’t offer a compliment if you don’t truly mean it. Do you have trouble coming up with complimenting others? Keep in mind that everyone possesses a virtue or talent that deserves to be recognised. Make it a habit to see the good in others. If you were the only one to offer the other person a genuine compliment, it may have been a really special present to him.

  • Convey Your Gratitude

Be straightforward in your compliment; it will have an impact. Be precise in your praise when praising someone for something they did that helped you. A compliment may bind individuals together permanently, much like glue.

While Receiving a Compliment..

One piece of advice from my end is: when you are the recipient of praise, just say “thank you” or “how kind of you to say that.” Nothing more is required. The fact is, we don’t give enough praise. A compliment’s effectiveness is only constrained by its ineffectiveness. Maybe some individuals simply do not comprehend the beneficial effects of a few encouraging comments.


A compliment is a gift of sincere consideration you offer to others to express your gratitude and foster goodwill. A well-given compliment gets to the heart of who that person is. Thus, being able to appreciate someone genuinely and honestly can drastically alter how they view you. Never underestimate the power of praise while trying to build relationships and connections with people. Congratulate the individual on being the kind of person they needed to be to pull off the task. If you don’t mean it when you compliment someone, don’t say it. When thanking someone for anything they did that helped you, be specific in your gratitude. Like glue, a complement has the power to permanently tie people together. It is also cost-free.

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