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Charity during Mahalaya Paksha

Some girls asked Mom about how to go about charity during Mahalaya Paksha. Most auspicious is Go Dana (Donation of Cows). Donating cows to any temple is good. If charity is to be done to an individual, the individual should be able to take care of the cow. He should not sell it to a Goshala.


People, who cannot donate a cow, can give some amount of money to a temple where cows are kept. This money should only be used for the feeding the cows. It is up to the donor how much he wants to give – for one to 15 days.

Second to the donation of cows is the donation of land (Bhoodana). The land should be donated to such a person or organization, who will use the land in a good way. People, who cannot give away land, can give some money with some good mud.

The third is the donation of water. People can arrange for water to be distributed to the thirsty on the road. Some people donate water in a large vessel to a temple where several people are served food during Annadana. Panakam (Lemon Juice) or Sherbet can also be donated.

The next is the donation of clothes or Vastradana. Needy people, a good priest or his family can be given new clothes.

The fifth is the donation of food. Annadana can be made for one to 10 days. People, who cannot afford to perform Annadana, can donate grocery and/or vegetables and fruits.

On Saturday, sesame seeds can be donated at Hanuman Temple or Shani Temple.


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