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Other Charity during Mahalaya Paksha

Some girls contacted Mom asking what can be done if people cannot afford to perform proper Shrardha. In such a situation, they can give tila tarpana on one of the days or all the 10 days of Mahalaya Paksha. Otherwise, cows can be fed with gaay ka chara, Indian bread, jaggery and sesame. Cows are called Go Brahmins. Such people feeding cows can receive the fruits of serving Brahmins.


Dogs can also be fed with milk and Indian bread. Crows can be fed with sesame rice. Pigeons, mynas and sparrows can be fed with raw bajra and rice. Even ants can be fed with rice, sugar and sesame. Some people feed elephants with food suitable to them. Monkeys can also be fed with bananas, chickpeas, sesame and jaggery. Horses are also included in this kind of charity. They can be fed with horse gram and green grass mixed with sesame. Khichdi made with black udad, rice and sesame and vadas made from white udad and sesame can also be served to beggars and poor people.

Whatever is done should be done with shraddha and lots of affection for the pitrus. We have to remember the pitrus in the afternoon at least for 10 minutes.


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