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International Woman’s Day 2021 – Sports Persona and Others

Continuing with our special feature for Woman’s Day, today we share International Woman’s Day 2021 – Sports Persona and Others. Women in India like their global counterparts have also ventured into sports, even those, which were hitherto the domain of men. P T Usha, Ashwini Nachappa, Mary Kom, Sania Mirza, Sania Nehwal and P V Sindhu are just some of the women, who have upheld the Indian flag in the international sports arena.

Mukta Singh

Today, women are cabbies, rickshaw drivers, courier girls, Zomato valets, etc. A couple of days back; we met a courier girl, who delivered an important document for us. Mukta Singh (Pic. Courtesy – Gayatri T Rao) lost her job due to the lockdown as a result of the corona pandemic. She had to join a couple of courier companies, one of them an ecommerce company, to eke out a living. Since the job is risky, she moves about with another female courier delivery person.

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