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Trip to Pali Beach Resort (Part II)

Let’s take up – Trip to Pali Beach Resort (Part II), for today. When we had landed at the wrong destination, I.e. Pali Village Resort, I had lost my balance and hurt myself on a display board, falling down. But the people over there were very kind and helped me up, holding me; so that I wouldn’t lose my balance again.

Trip to Pali Beach Resort (Part II)

However, when we reached the right place, I.e., Pali Beach Resort, the manager arranged for me to be taken to our room (no 37), on a wheelchair. The wheelchair was left near our room, all through our stay there. This arrangement was very convenient for us, though I used it only while returning post that because of the small, very sloping bridge that takes you across to the cottages.

Trip to Pali Beach Resort (Part II)
The Waterpark

In a resort; being ladies, my daughter, Gayatri and I look for primarily a beauty spa. Unfortunately, Pali Beach Resort is just developing. So, there’s no spa. The place is basically for youngsters, who look up to enjoying at the Pali Beach Resort’s Waterpark. But we had decided to enjoy the trip ourselves. So, the day we landed there we looked around the place and found the Waterpark, really interesting. (Have a look at the pictures)

Trip to Pali Beach Resort (Part II)
The kids, who helped me on the wheelchair.

To be continued…

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