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Religious Conflicts
Psychologist Dr. Naavnidhi K Wadhwa

Why People Hurt Others’ Religious Sentiments – Religious Conflicts

A Journalist Reveals has been trying to find reasons for why people hurt others’ religious sentiments, for some time. We asked several psychologists. But, they were hesitant to answer questions about the subject. Then, we found Psychologist Dr. Naavnidhi K Wadhwa. She agreed to shed some light on the issue and this article was the result. Sharing the second and final part Religious Conflicts:


Religious Conflicts:

This can rest upon disengagement, personal history and organized means of brainwashing.

Socio-economic factors like unemployment, poverty and many others give rise to a feeling of negligence and being understated. When a human mind understands that it is not being taken seriously, dynamic actions are only fitting in such situations. Cornering situations can result in volatile circumstances and this has time and again been proved by the mega-scale terrorist attacks. From some of the largest terror groups to those in the rising, all have stemmed from the idea of ‘uselessness’ and poverty. Brainwashing also plays a huge role in creating a systematic agenda of showing displeasure against several referendums by hoisting the banners of religion.

Religious affinity is not only limited to terrorism. Societal clauses and deep running agendas too contribute to the sickness of the situation. For instance, the French War of Religion, the European War of Religion, the age-old case of Ayodhya and many others finds its roots in the religious demarcation of the two groups. Intolerance is the word that one might be looking for. Hurting religious sentiments is a back and forth action that seems to have no end.

Intolerance extends to people of all ages, belonging to all communities. People who ignite the idea of intolerance are looking for ways to undermine the basic rights of people in the name of religion. From clothes to wear to food to eat, everything comes under the religious scope where sentiments are rattled easily under the reign of supremacy.

Fueling Religious Hatred:

One cannot but deny the involvement of influential powers looking to digress from the path of progress and plunge the society into the depths of religious conflict. Yet another reason for religious hate is power. Those who are hell bent on creating a cacophony of illogical religious fabrications to cause riots are only considering the factor of power and money. Maintaining that power to have a hold on the supremacy can easily be cited for many conflicts and hatred brewed across the world. These mindsets are a mix of brilliance and to a large extent, self-reliance where people are assured of their ideas to create an uproar to stay in power among the masses.

Religious sentiments are at the brink of explosion almost every day. From consumption of beef to women entering men-only religious places, religious sentiments have claimed lots of lives. Hurting them is the sure shot way of securing comfort for those who control the mindsets of those ‘soldiers’ waging a ‘holy war’ against each other.


The human psyche is a complex mechanism that works on the lines of survival. If survival is marred by disturbance, then so be it. Hurting religious sentiments is an arsenal being deployed to safeguard a few people’s assets. There is no direct solution linked to this problem but it can be mitigated by a combined effort of approaching religion and religious beliefs in a logical manner.

About Dr. Naavnidhi K Wadhwa:

Founder and Coach of Rapid Evolution, Mrs. Asia Woman of Universe 2018, Certified Coach for Psychology of Eating from the USA, and NLP under Richard Bandler. Certified in relationship psychology. She strongly believes that the mind learns with repetition and follows what is known to it, so making the right choices and mental models contribute to making us grow rapidly.


About Yashaswini K

Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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