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Taking Care of Dry Skin (Part II)

1. Massage baby oil or coconut oil or olive oil all over the body for 10 minutes before bathing. Avoid soaps and if needed use mild soap only on sweaty areas. 2. Bathe in lukewarm water. Avoid hot water totally. Pat dry with a clean dry soft cotton towel. Massage ...

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Taking Care of Dry Skin

Some people have hereditary dry skin. Others’ skins get dry due to some medicines. 1. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices to overcome the dryness. Tomato juice with sugar or pepper and salt can be had frequently. Cucumber juice with salt and pepper can also be had. 2. Having ...

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Choosing the Right Beauty Products

Using the right beauty products is crucial for good maintenance of our skin and hair. Often we are jeopardized regarding the products to choose. The market is filled with adulterated stuff. Sometimes we may even have budget constraints. It is during this time that we should consult a beauty expert. ...

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