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It is raining very badly, right now. Many people are finding it difficult to decide what to do. One girl had come with her infant from Andhra Pradesh. When bathed, the infant gets fever and cold. How can she stop bathing the child? She asked Mom about it over the telephone.


Mom’s advice was: You need not bathe the child every day. However, warm cold cream can be applied to the child’s body in all places except hair. Use your palm to massage the cream in circles. It would be good if the mother does this. Otherwise, someone related in blood can do it. Even the maid can do it. In the mother to child and relative to child situation, the reiki energy transfer is more and profitable. The massage by a maid is not so worthy.

Using sterilized cotton or cotton cloth (very smooth), remove the excess cream. All the dirt comes out in the cotton. Take a Turkish towel and dip in lukewarm water. Squeeze excess water and towel the entire body 3-4 times. Take a smooth cotton cloth and dry the body. This has the effect of a bath and the dirt removed would be more than that in a bath. Bathing with water can be done once or twice in a week.

Such a child’s hair can be washed once in a week, during winter and rainy season. Take 3 teaspoons sesame oil in an iron kadhai. Add 1/3rd teaspoons cumin seeds as well as 3-4 crushed black pepper corns and heat it in slow fire. When cumin starts becoming red in slow fire, switch off the stove. Let it cool to very mild lukewarm.

Take enough oil on only 4 fingers on both hands and rub it between each other. Then, massage the infant’s scalp only slowly with only these fingers. When the whole scalp has been covered, take lukewarm gram flour paste and apply to the hair. Wash immediately. The whole process should be performed with fingers only and completed within 2-3 minutes. Dry the hair with 2-3 towels, so that water is not allowed to penetrate inside the scalp.

If the child is above 6 months old, 1-5 teaspoons of turmeric milk can be given to the child. ½ cup of milk is boiled with 2 pinches of turmeric powder and 1 crushed pepper corn. Add required amount of sugar in it and feed the child. Cover the child head to toe and do not take it outside for 2-3 hours in areas where there is wind blowing.


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