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Jewelry Care Tips

Jewelry Care Tips

  1. Cleaning gold ornaments should be done inside the hall or bedroom, instead of bathroom. Spread a Turkish towel on the floor because if the small parts fall down they will fall on the towel and can be tracked. Keep bowls containing water and shampoo water beside it. Use mild shampoo to clean the ornaments. Using a soft toothbrush brush of the dirt from them. Rinse with water. You can clean earrings, noserings, finger rings, chains and bangles this way. After drying wear the jewelry used daily. Place the rest of them in their permanent containers.
  2. For silver ornaments, the process is the same as above. But after drying them with towel, apply some vibhuti (sacred ash) on them and dust it off. Then place the ornaments in their container with camphor tablets. This delays oxidizing of silver ornaments.
  3. After use artificial jewelry should be wiped off of perspiration with tissue papers. Then store them in zip pouches.

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