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Emotions and Gemstones
Emotions and Gemstones

Emotions and Gemstones

Astrology is a very interesting subject and gemstones work mysteriously on us to get good results in different aspects of our life if used properly. A Journalist Reveals requested Astrologer Pankaj Khanna to help us with some insights on the emotions that gemstones control. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

What emotions are controlled by different gemstones? How are these emotions affected by these gemstones?

Different Gemstones have different emotional and physical healing properties. For e.g., Ruby stimulates the flow of life-force energy or chi through the body, strengthens the ability to meet needs and manifest desires and can be a catalyst for the activation of the Kundalini energy. It is particularly good at attracting prosperity. Yellow Sapphire has a cooling, soothing and inhibiting effect on the individual.  The proper use of a Yellow Sapphire helps in cooling temper. Amethyst acts as a natural tranquilizer reliving stress and anxiety while ridding your body of negative emotions.

The translucent Clear Quartz clears and heals issues at the physical, emotional, mental or soul level. Relationship problems, emotional trauma, healing inner child karma or other emotional issues can be taken care of by Rose Quartz. It soothes and calms the mind to attain peace and tranquility. Opal helps in promoting calm security, depression and eases stress and encourages you to stop brooding to direct your thoughts and energies in a better direction. Smoky Topaz assists you with grief, despair, depression and other forms of fermenting negativity. A mild sedative with a relaxing effect, it helps one explore their inner self, embracing dark areas with love and light, permitting healing and reconciliation.

About Pankaj Khanna:

Pankaj Khanna, Founder and Managing Director, Khanna Gems Private Limited.

Emotions and Gemstones
Pankaj Khanna

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