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Holi in Karnataka

A question was raised by someone over the phone about how people from Karnataka celebrate Holi. There are 2 types of Maharashtrians – Konkanathas and Deshasthas. Alliances with Deshasthas is possible for people from Karnataka.
Today, things have advanced so much that a Konkanastha girl, we know, has been married into a Karnataka family. The couple has an 8-month old girl child. The girl’s father-in-law has a bad temper. So, she collected information from different sources and told me. I am sharing it here.

Sugar Garland
Sugar Garland

All children till 5 years of age are given sugar garlands to wear during Holi. When my sister and I were little, Mom would carve dry coconuts into small jasmine flowers and make them into garlands. She would also make garlands out of peppermints as well.
So, we would get to wear sugar, peppermints and coconut-jasmine garlands. We would suck the sweetness out of the garlands. Our dresses would be stained with the colour of the peppermints. We would move about like this only. We were supposed to eat these only the next day. But, we would taste them almost immediately after Mom made us wear them. When she asked, “Why the shapes of the garlands have changed?” we would just smile and look at her.
We got to wear these garlands until we turned 12. I would be happy to wear them even now. But, Mom has lost her health. She cannot shape the coconut as she used to. 🙁
To be continued…


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