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Siddharth by MKC Review

Abhisheik Kamal contacted A Journalist Reveals one day out of the blue. When we read his mail, we realized that it was not out of the blue. We had written to their PR requesting a product review opportunity.

Abhisheik told us to choose any product from their website But, like we usually do, we asked him to choose any of it for us.


He still gave us 2 options:

Carnal: Olfactory family- Fougère woody

Invigorating freshness spiked with white musk and precious woods. It is a modern scent that evokes power.

Ittar: Olfactory family- Floral

Our ode to Jasmine ittar – the favorite perfume of the Nizams of Hyderabad.

We chose the Carnal fragrance and the product was shipped to our address soon. Abhisheik was with us all through the order and shipping process. They used the Delhivery Courier service, which is a good and reliable logistics partner from my experience.

We wanted to know how long did the fragrance last. He said, “Give or take 2 months. It depends on factors such as humidity, air flow, the number of diffuser sticks inside and the frequency of flipping the sticks.”

We were also curious about the brand and asked him some questions, which he replied promptly:

Why the name Siddharth?

In memory of Siddharth Kamal, Siddharth by MKC has been founded on 3 equally important principles, one of which ensures that we give back to society through the Siddharth Kamal Foundation. As of now, we are supporting a local slum school in New Delhi and Bal Asha Trust in Bombay. Hence, it made sense to name it Siddharth by MKC.

What is MKC?

MKC stands for Monika Kamal Collection. We have added it to the name to pay homage to our legacy (20+ years of high-end custom home furnishings). Siddharth by MKC is a natural extension of our bespoke line which has an enviable list of clientele that includes The American Embassy and hotels like the Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad, The Pierre (NY) and ITC among others. Similarly, individuals and professionals commission us to furnish their homes, mansions and lofts across the world.

DSCI0136Our Experience: Since we live in Mumbai, there is a dearth of space here. Thus, we have placed our pooja area in the hall itself. The moment we placed the bottle and dropped the sticks in it, the mild fragrance reached far and wide in our house. Mom found this aroma very congenial for her meditation. She told me, “In this atmosphere, when I chanted Gayatri Mantra with closed eyes; I felt all my chakras had been activated and also felt that my soul had reached God, combining with the Paramatman. When I finished the chanting, I could not open my eyes. The divine feeling lasted for at least 10 minutes.”

Yesterday was our new year Gudi Padwa or Ugadi. Currently, Chaitra Navaratri is going on. This aroma gave a festive feeling to the whole ambiance. Soon, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Sharadiya Navaratri and Diwali will be upon us. The fragrance can also be used during Christmas. There is a sacred feeling attached to it. It is recommended for daily use. Though the cost might make people hesitate from using it daily, it can be sealed again and used only during pooja. We would recommend this for every temple and other holy places.

Price: Rs.1100/- (Shipping Rs.50)

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