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Remedies for Dandruff

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By Deepali Bhardwaj Dandruff is a very common problem these days in more the 50% of our population in cities. To get rid of it completely, we need to understand what exactly dandruff is, how it occurs and its cure. Dandruff in medical terms is called Seborrhoeic dermatitis, caused due to ...

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Cow’s Milk – Beauty Tips

An 80-year old lady has thick long and bouncy hair. Very few strands were gray. I asked what her secret is. She told me a few things and said that she did not know how it would work on others. She does whatever was done by her ancestors. Mix coconut ...

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Hair Care in Summers

By Dr. Meghna Gupta It’s not only your skin which needs protection from the sun. Your hair needs to stay protected as well. There are a lot of hair products in the form of spray, gel and even creams that contain UV filters and protect your hair from the sun ...

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Hair Myths and Facts

By Sanket Shah With Hair loss being a common occurrence these days in men and women as early as 20 years, it is a crucial time to understand the importance of hair health and conditions affecting it. Hair loss can be due to number of reasons common among them are ...

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