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Fraud Company
Fraud Company

Fraud Company

It all started when we got a call from the number 7065638936. It was Neha. She said she represented a company called Well Health Care – She said that her company would reimburse all of the Out-Patient’s Department (OPD) expenses from any hospital. She told us of we buy the Rs. 12500 package, we would get the standard plan for 2 years and that offer was valid for only that particular day – May 29, 2019.


We were suspicious of the offer from the beginning. But since she said that we could book it with just Rs.2000 on that day, we completed all the formalities and asked her to share the company pan card number or the registration number. They kept arguing with us that it is not a health insurance company. Whenever Neha called, she said she would update soon by mail. The mail never came.

We kept following up with them. On July 24th, someone called from the company, ready to fight with us. When we asked for the proof, the man said they would update by mail. That was again not done and when we wrote to them again to either share their credentials or refund the booking amount, they rudely said that since we had not paid the installment amount the booking amount has expired. Everybody, beware of these tricksters!

Company name –

Medi Health Plus services

Bank A/C –


Ifsc code –


Bank Name

Axis bank

Transmission Id

You have sent Rs. 2000.00 to MEDI HEALTH PLUS SER via a Paytm bank partner. Fee paid: Rs. 20.00.Reference ID: 914918137734.


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