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Child Prattle

  1. The mother of a small boy gave him a pair of sunglasses. He wore it whenever he went out. One day he came back and asked his mother, “Will you give me what I want?”

His mother replied, “Have I denied giving you what you want? What is it this time?”


The boy answered, “You gave me sunglasses for the day. Now give me moonglasses for the night!”

  1. A yoga expert was explaining the benefits of regularly doing yoga, “Aging slows down…”

A little boy told his father, “Papa, learn yoga fast from this person.”

When the father asked the boy, “Why?” the boy replied, “You can save money on hair dyes and medicines!”

  1. A small boy was sketching Lord Ganapathy’s picture. His father asked him, “Why have you made the Lord’s trumpet like a question mark?”

The boy replied, “When we go to ask the Lord solution to our problems our query is in the form of a question. He also replies by straightening the trumpet, which is in the form of a question-mark! I have seen an elephant blessing people. It picks up the money we give with its trumpet, which is in the shape of a question mark. Then it gives the money to the mahout, who is sitting on it and changes the shape of its trumpet to bless us. Lord Ganapathy will also bless us the same way!”


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