Holy Bath

Today, we are sharing something about the Holy Bath that is performed after the Lord and His Consort play Holi with us at our home. After we play Holi with the Lord, He and His Consort have to be given a Holy Bath. During the olden days, the Holy Bath ...

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Dad turns 87

Dad turns 87, today. We had planned to have a Pooja at a nearby temple. But, Rao family proposes and Corona disposes. COVID19 vaccination had come up and we were getting only today’s appointment for my parents. We thought what better gift can we give to Dad than health and ...

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Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021

Today, A Journalist Reveals is sharing the information on Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021. This is a short description on how we celebrated the festival amidst corona pandemic and night curfew. Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021 Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021 Last year itself due to the ...

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