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Smita Jaykar
Smita Jaykar

Thinking about Future is Too Much Thinking – Smita Jaykar

Smita Jaykar has an actor’s personality to reckon with. She debuted several years ago in the acting field and is still going strong. A Journalist Reveals was in conversation with her on twitter and wanted to interview her. She shared her phone number and we contacted her for a tête-à-tête. She suggested we meet her at her home for the interview. There is not much available about this stalwart actor on the net. Thus, we had to dig at the roots for information about this untrained Mumbai-born Law graduate. Excerpts:


Did you debut in a movie first or on TV? Which was your first teleserial? How did you get it?

I don’t remember, which language teleserial was the first one. My first Marathi serial was Avhaan. Hindi was one of those episodic serials called Adhikaar or something. It was about 30 years ago. So I don’t remember much about it.

Which was your first movie? How did you get it?

My first movie was a Hindi one. Actually, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999) and Sarfarosh (1999) were released together.

Which was your first Marathi movie? How did you get it?

My first Marathi movie was I think Satvapariksha (1998).

Acting is an unpredictable profession. What did your parents say when you took up this field as a career?

I was already married by the time I took to acting. My husband and my whole family encouraged it. Also, according to me, it is not an unpredictable profession. I was quite happy being an actor.

Would you like to share with our readers any incident connected to your career?

There is no such dramatic incident that has happened in my life. I have been guided constantly and I have never had such experiences in my film career, which was so dramatic that I have to mention anything. It was a smooth-sailing journey.

Pls. correct me where I am wrong. You are into aura reading and other spiritual activities. How did you get interested in this?

I am into aura-cleansing. I know how to strengthen the aura. I got into it just one or 2 years after I joined films. I met my first master through my husband. He was my husband’s client.

When I gave you a call last time, you said you will be in the ashram today. Tell us more about it – the ashram and your connection with it.

This is an ashram in Karjat. The master is Dadashreeji. We have our training and we go to classes and other activities very often.

Is it about aura? Would you like to add something more about your spiritual journey?

Not just aura. Spirituality is not just aura. Aura is the smallest part of it. Spirituality is your inner journey. It is the polishing of your soul – your inner self. So, that has many layers to it. When the inner cleansing is done, your aura becomes stronger automatically.

What do you see 10 years hence?

I haven’t even thought. I don’t even think 10 minutes from now. Then, years from now, I don’t even think that I am going to be alive. It is too much of thinking.

What do you do when you are not acting and involved in spirituality?

I read. I also go for movies. I travel. I do everything.

Smita Jaykar
Smita Jaykar

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