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Brooke Bond Red Label Tea Ad

Today, let’s talk about Brooke Bond Red Label Tea Ad. The ad promotes transgender inclusion.


Brooke Bond Red Label Tea Ad

The Brooke Bond Red Label Tea Ad has an elderly lady traveling with her grandchild in her car. The traffic is in a standstill due to rains. A eunuch brings tea for both her and the car driver. The eunuch has a tea stall nearby. Initially, the elderly woman is hesitant to take the tea glass. But then, the eunuch is insistent. The tea turns out to be good and the woman blesses the eunuch for the free service.

All said and done, the ad’s saving grace is the almost inconspicuous Brooke Bond logo on the tea stall. This shows the company’s endorsement of the initiative. Otherwise, the ad would not have been taken seriously. This is because, during these times of the corona pandemic, it is not safe to buy anything from roadside stalls, let alone have them for free.

More corporates should include the minority groups like transgenders in their promotional programs, so that instead of begging and following illegal activities they can be mainstreamed into the economy.


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