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Questions from our Readers – July 2021

A Journalist Reveals received some questions from our readers. Our Resident Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli replies to Questions from our Readers – July 2021 in this post.

I have a big family (in-laws). We have several dependents. Though I am working, due to the pandemic and lockdown I have not been receiving my salary for the last 10 months. I have been trying for a new job. But, I am not getting one. We have taken several loans and have not been able to return them. My husband is also getting half his salary. We are unable to even deal with day-to-day expenses. Is there some solution for this? – Poornima Shrimati Vashisht.

You have to keep trying and don’t give up hope. There might be people, who try to bring you down. But, don’t distress about it. Taking care of your in-laws is your life purpose. Keep going in the path assigned to you by God. Chant the mantra of or medicate on the God, on whom you have faith. You will soon find success.

I am 18. My mother is a hysteria patient. Both my parents are suicidal. They compel us and the people in the entire building to torture our neighbors. I know that this is a sin and I am suffering a lot because of it. I can’t concentrate on my education. How can I deal with this situation? – Himanshi Vaishnav Patel.

I understand your concern. But, you have delayed contacting a trusted person. What you have said is not only a sin but also a crime. If you wait any longer, it will not only affect your studies badly but also create a big havoc in your building. You seem to be a kind person. That is why you have concerns about both your parents and your neighbors.

The angels send brilliant positive energy. You should find someone you trust, either in your building or among your relatives to talk about it. Take the right path and sort this out, soon. You have a long life ahead. The goings-on should not affect your future. Immediate action will give tremendous salvation.

If your neighbors have sustained a loss due to your family, rectify it immediately. Your parents have a major psychiatric problem. All your family members need psychiatric counseling. Your family needs to stay away from your neighbors, after taking their positive vibes.


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