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Clean Your Make-up Kit

Girls, when we go out often we apply makeup suitable to the occasion. But have we ever thought anything about the brushes we use. We use several types of them for make-up. Besides we use sponges, tweezers and eye-lash curlers. When we use them, micro-organisms present on our skin are transferred to them. Also after use if they are just lying around, they may develop other micro-organisms attracted from the surroundings and the air around them. They are not use and throw products. We have to reuse them. Thus it becomes imperative that we clean them before we use the next time.


We spoke to makeup artist Aanchal Khanna about how we could clean the tools we use for makeup and she told us the following:

Aanchal Khanna

Makeup brushes: We need a gentle brush cleanser or mild baby shampoo that does not have too much of fragrance and cause irritation on skin. Take a little cleanser on a tissue or take few drops of baby shampoo on our palm, wet the bristles of our brushes with water and swirl it on the tissue or on our palm back and forth then rinse the brush thoroughly. Dry the brushes on a flat surface on a towel and make sure the bristles are pressed together.

Makeup sponges: We need a sulphate free soap or you can simply wash them with baby shampoo make sure we have to use something that does not lather too much as it can then get difficult to get the lather off the sponge completely. Add a little water on the sponge then rub the sponge with soap till it’s completely clean. Rinse and squeeze out the excess water repeat till the squeezed out water is clear. Towel dry the sponge before you air dry.

Tweezers: We need rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. Soak the cotton ball with alcohol then swipe the tip of the tweezers on it to kill the bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Eyeliner Sharpener: We need cotton balls, ear buds and rubbing alcohol. Remove any leftover shavings. Then soak the cotton ball with alcohol and clean the blades of the sharpener. Then dip a ear bud in alcohol and clean the little corners.

Eyelash curler: We need makeup remover, rubbing alcohol and cotton. Wipe down the rubber pads of the curler with makeup remover to loosen old mascara that can transfer back to your lashes. Then put some alcohol on a cotton pad and sanitize the curler for the next use.

Tips for makeup tools: Brushes and sponges should be washed regularly by soaking them in mild shampoo and warm water. Proper cleaning of tools will lengthen the life of our tools and prevent built up of impurities. If we are unable to wash brushes between use, disinfect the bristles by using a tissue that has been slightly soaked in alcohol or a skin freshener. The alcohol acts as a disinfectant and destroys bacteria on the surface of the brush hair.


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