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Our Society Currently Works on Trending Words – Says Sameer Srivastava

Our Society Currently Works on Trending Words – Says Sameer Srivastava. This is today’s post where Media Strategist Sameer Srivastava shares information about his field.

Our Society Currently Works on Trending Words – Says Sameer Srivastava

Who is a media strategist?

Media Strategist is a person, who helps a company or organization to formulate a strategy to reach out to maximum audiences or potential customer base. He designs campaigns and place them on the right set of media platforms to deliver the message and gain visibility.

Are there any courses teaching this?

Yes, there are plenty of courses available in the market. You can do it from Google or Udemy. Ideally  you can do any course on digital marketing or social media strategy from these places and become a strategist but this requires on ground knowledge and lot of applicative understanding.

How did you get interested in becoming a media strategist?

It just happened accidently. I didn’t have any prior aspiration or thought of becoming a media Strategist.

Like you said during one of our conversations only journalists working with big media houses are called so. Why do other journalists have to contend with the name of content writer?

Yes, that’s true, our society is now working on trending words and things which are in demand. People only wish to hire such candidates or work with them only. Most of the ex-journalists have to use this word as people don’t have any idea what journalists do.

Today, we see that journalists working with big media houses get respect, despite the fact that their language (spelling and grammar) are not up to the mark and they are biased in outlook. Why?

We live in an era of brands where whatever is hyped and shown as trend that will get the respect. So the more you trend the more respect you will get.

I was called for an interview about 15 years back for an interview by a media startup. Content writing was just catching up. During the interview, the HR person asked me about my experience. When I told her I am a senior journalist, she asked me how much experience do I have in content writing. Now, whatever matter is churned out by any creator – a journalist, a fiction writer or a video creator – is content. Why is there a difference in the outlook about this thing called content?

As I said before, people only connect when they are aware about something. The people only know journalists as news readers. The common man is not even aware about the difference between news readers, anchors, reporters and journalists. Everyone tries to connect as per their intellect level. So, we can’t blame them.

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