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Mother’s Day- 2022
Mother’s Day- 2022

Mother’s Day- 2022

Today, let’s discuss Mother ’s Day – 2022. Our mother is an important part of our lives. She nurtures us in her womb for 9 months and then outside it for her entire lifetime.


Mother’s Day- 2022

This Mother’s Day, I want to talk about my Mom. I received her as the Gift of the Magi from God and my eldest paternal aunt became a medium.

Saroja Aunty was the most beautiful among my paternal aunts and contacted my maternal grand parents with the matrimonial alliance of her son, initially. Aunty chose Mom, not for her complexion, but for her chiseled features and good qualities.

Mom with Saroja Aunty

It turned out that Mom was older than her son. Not wanting to give up Mom, she suggested her younger brother, my Dad, as the groom, though he is 7 years older than Mom.Mom and Dad had my sister and me. She has always been supportive to our decisions, may they be career wise or otherwise.

Besides, she has been instrumental in helping me in my studies, even though Science and English Literature had not been her subjects. Not just that, she has been helping me with some of the toughest articles I have written.

Mom has also been the backbone of our family, remaining tough during tough phases of our lives. Without her support, we would never have been able to accomplish anything in our lives.

She is a good fashion designer and embroidery artist. When we were little, Mom would model for her lady friend, who would sell saris and dress materials. We have worn designer dressed, tailored by her.There have been times when Mom was belittled for having 2 daughters and no son. She faced the challenge head-on. Our hysterical neighbor in our current residential building, threw muck on me because I am a journalist and have to meet several male celebs during the course of my work.

Another reason for this muck-throwing is that I didn’t marry. For this uneducated woman getting married and having kids is what life is all about. She created an imaginary story about me and spread rumors about me. It was my Mom, who acted as the Rock of Gibraltar, shielding me from the muck, turning the tables on the perpetrator, by bringing out the truth.

It was a joint decision of my Mom and me – my not getting married. Mom wanted to study further but had to get married. Dad put down the diktat that either he would study or Mom would and also said that his studies were more important for a better job.

I received several alliances from all over the globe. But all the grooms were against my profession, my goals and the fact that I had decided earlier on to take care of my parents. I have seen several disappointing and disastrous ends to both love and arranged marriages.

Mom lost the chance to study further. I couldn’t live a life like Mom. I have 2 postgrads and a few diplomas. I am still studying,  which would not have been possible in a compromised marriage. I love to study and consider myself an eternal student. So, compromise was out of question. I believe that getting married for the sake of it is not the right decision.

Mom had participated in oration competitions during her schooling, often competing with the late Sanjay Gandhi. She was a regular at the Republic Day Parade performing dances on the Janpath.

She began writing as a child and we picked up that quality as a hereditary streak. Her writing, particularly humor on our website, is also getting noticed.

Me on the extreme left and my sister on extreme right

Mom used to be a Bharatanatyam dancer and put us into the classical dance class when we were children. She also choreographed Bhangra for me, not once but twice with me performing a boy.😉 The song was penned and set to music by her as well.

Mom also choreographed Andal Dance (Bharatanatyam) during my school days, which we (my sister, I and other girls) were made to perform thrice in the same year. She was considered the best mother during my sister and my school times. If Mom is ill, our entire home gets shaken up.

Yes, that’s my Mom. I won’t say that I am comparing her with others. But I would reiterate that she has been the best thing that happened to us. And for the support she gave us, I pledged to take care of both her and Dad, on my own. I hope I will be successful in the endeavor, even in the future.


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