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First Lunar Eclipse Guidance Readings – 2022

Four eclipses are expected to happen in 2022. The first one is a lunar eclipse. So, let’s find out what the First Lunar Eclipse Guidance Readings – 2022 has in store for the Sun signs, as predicted by our resident Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli. This is the first part of the same.


First Lunar Eclipse Guidance Readings – 2022


The cards tell you to up your knowledge by taking up new courses. Following your insights will take you on the right path. Focusing on your work, deep research and knowhow will take you toward success. Concentrating on developing your memory will also help you to remember all you read. You have been granted the capacity to convert ordinary ventures into profitable ones. Your search for replies to your queries is over as they are within your reach.


Put in your efforts in activities and be grateful to the Almighty to receive support and reverence. Avoid lethargy and do not give in to distraction. Get your priorities right and follow them judiciously.


Courageously standing up for your principles will result in positive success. The Almighty is protecting you from negativity. Dignified behavior will attract respect. Giving up your worries to the Almighty will help you overcome your tensions. Your prayers to Him should be to put you on the right path and clear your confusion.


Realize your requirements and worries. Avoid being shy and be confident of yourself. Trust yourself that you can accomplish anything you want and that will help in raising your confidence level.


Geminis are definitely facing challenges. But no worries since the Almighty is in the process of removing the negativities in your lives. He seems to be pleased with you and will grant you a strong, pleasant and magnetic persona. God will also help you accomplish your dreams.


Consistent hard work will attract success in your lives. Keep the trust in yourself to up your self-confidence.

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