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A Great Team Leader - the Dos and Don’ts
A Great Team Leader - the Dos and Don’ts

A Great Team Leader – the Dos and Don’ts (IIIrd and Concluding Part)

Today, A Journalist Reveals has decided to share a bad experience that we had with the team leader of a media company. Thus, this article – A Great Team Leader – the Dos and Don’ts – took shape. This is the third part of the interview with Psychiatrist Dr. Diplakshmi Dhopeshwarkar, who has shared some insights about the subject.


As mentioned before, we recently had a very bad experience with a female team leader. That prompted us to do this article. We are trying to get something positive out of this experience. We had taken up a remote opportunity with a media company. The female seemed to be insecure about her job and began demoralizing us – post the trial article, which the owner had appreciated. She began demotivating us, as well. Does she have some psychological or pathological issue? How to handle such situations?

As mentioned earlier, communication plays a big role in dealing with situations. You can discuss how her behavior is demoralizing everyone in the team. You might get some different perspective of the situation and behavior. Ask if there is anything specific, she wants you to change. If the leader is not happy with your work, then request her to share alternate methods.

If she is being rude in communication, express it well and share other ways of communication.

Be professional in your approach; keep calm and express you are here to do your job.

Finally, you can approach her boss and discuss the way she is been treating you in a demoralizing way.

We did all the above. She never briefed us properly before giving the assignments. Our requests for samples and briefing were ignored. She insisted that she had already given them. We shared 2 articles without the briefing.  After accusing us of giving low-quality articles, she gave the briefing, which was different from the information she had shared before. When we spoke up about it, she began abusing us. How can a situation like this be handled?

Ask her to mark specific points that she would like you to change. Request her to give proper feedback on your work. Make a list of the way she has treated you in a disrespectful manner and discuss so she understands this behavior is not accepted. Suggest other ways of communication.

Regular meeting with her to discuss performances and goals would be helpful for the team.

Finally, communicate to her boss if things don’t seem to improve from her end.

This situation can happen to anybody working at a physical office or in a remote setting. Would you like to add something more than that you have mentioned before that can help different team members in such situations?

Allowing to get bullied itself is not respecting yourself enough. Stand up for yourself and take charge of your life, why allow others to hurt and demoralize? This will save others along with you from the trauma at the workplace. Take care of your mental and physical needs

be with people who support you- family and friends.

About Dr. Diplakshmi Dhopeshwarkar:

Dr. Diplakshmi Dhopeshwarkar is a Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Regression Therapist.


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