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Empathetic and Good Communicator
Empathetic and Good Communicator

A Great Team Leader (Part II) – Empathetic and Good Communicator

Today, A Journalist Reveals has decided to share a bad experience that we had with the team leader of a media company. Thus, this article – A Great Team Leader – Empathetic and Good Communicator – took shape. Psychiatrist Dr. Diplakshmi Dhopeshwarkar shared some insights about the subject.

Right Behavior in a Team:

  • A great team means being open to everyone’s views and working while keeping the views beneficial for the company.
  • Being open to others’ view and ideas and making the best out of it.
  • Be open to asking, which is not understood rather than making mistakes.

A Great Team Leader – Empathetic and Good Communicator:

  1. A great team leader should be empathetic and a good communicator which helps the team members to be at ease to express their views and opinions. It will also help him to understand any problems if they are going through to maintain a healthy environment at work and ease to get work done.
  2. Confidence and command help him to delegate the work to team members.
  3. A positive attitude helps to motivate and to empower the team.
  4. Passion and commitment help to remain focused with enthusiasm.
  5. Taking responsibility of the decisions and actions helps the group members take ownership of the responsibility of the delegated work.
  6. Being decisive shows commitment. The decision should be taken considering the views of the beneficiaries.
  7. His job is to delegate work to the team members so that everyone in the team is accountable for their work, creating a sense of responsibility.
  8. Providing all the resources and support is empowering.
  9. Honesty, humility and integrity help achieve success in the work.
  10. Creativity and innovation help to stand out.
  11. He should motivate the team to remain focused on the beneficial results.

Today, people often prefer to work remotely. The team works from different corners of the world and the team leader is at another corner. The team leader can create problems for some of the team members in this situation. How should the team member handle the situation? Dump the job or continue with it?

Either ways it is not going to be beneficial to anyone. So, the best way would be communication, clearing any doubts on one to one basis or can take help of the higher authorities.

Empathetic and Good Communicator
Psychiatrist Dr. Diplakshmi Dhopeshwarkar

About Dr. Diplakshmi Dhopeshwarkar:

Dr. Diplakshmi Dhopeshwarkar is a Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Regression Therapist.

To be continued…

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