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Hip Marching

Exercises for People with Desk Jobs

Today, many of us work constantly on computers and are afflicted with pains and aches on the back, shoulders, wrists, fingers, etc. If these are left as they are and endured, there could be other health problems on the way. To avoid further suffering we need to do certain exercises so that these problems are rooted out in the beginning itself. A Journalist Reveals contacted Madhav J from KIPA Dance and Fitness Academy to help us with these exercises.
Madhav incorporates yoga techniques and postures into the fitness regimes at his centres as part of finding true fitness in Indian roots, we all as pushing the “Slow Movement”, which encourages students to relax, clear their mind, slow down to re-invigorate. This technique has become very popular and he’s even being asked to handle corporate workshops and off-sites for companies such as HDFC, Jabong and HCL to name a few. Madhav also uses dance techniques to work with individuals suffering from post-operative trauma, injuries and those who are mentally differently-abled. These techniques help with their fitness, thinking and also lend self-reliance and positivity to such people.


Chest stretch
Good for people with desk jobs which involve a lot of writing or being on the computer.
Sit upright and away from the back of the chair. Extend your arms out to the side. Push your chest outwards and upwards till you feel as stretch in your chest. This exercise will also relax your back.
Hip Marching
This is a very good exercise to keep blood circulation in your veins and prevent you from developing Deep Vein Thrombosis and clots in your legs due to sitting in one position. This is also a good exercise on a flight.
Lift your left leg with your knee bent as far as is comfortable. Place your foot down with control. Repeat with the opposite leg. This postures helps blood circulation in your legs and also strengthens your back and hips thus lowering the possibility of a lower back strain.

Hip Marching
Hip Marching

Wrist rotations
This one is very apt for those working on a desktop – especially professions that require excessive use of the trackpad. Also this is good for those who play games excessively on their phones.
Stretch both your arms forward. Make sure elbows are not bent. Rotate your wrist clockwise and anticlockwise. This exercise should be done twice in a gap of 30 seconds.
Point your fingers
This is very good in preventing ligament damage and strain to one finger or muscle being excessively used.
Good for hands, wrist, and forearms – stretch your arm out where the elbow is not bending. Now with the other hand try and stretch your fingers backwards, first the whole hand and then each finger separately.

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