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Dal Makhani with Rice

Eat Street LSD Service Review

My contact with Vishal Bhatia of Eat Street LSD goes back to 3-4 years ago, when he used to run only Big Sandwich from a few establishments in Mumbai. I had interviewed him for Eve’s Times magazine. As luck would have it, I saw his profile on Linkedin and contacted him for a review. Before the review, let’s find out what Eat Street LSD is all about.
About: Eat Street LSD (Lunch Snacks Dinner) started its operations in mid-November 2015 by the husband and wife team Vishal Bhatia and Hiral.
Vishal, a professional Chef, having done his Culinary education from MIT (New Zealand and City and Guilds London), has been trained with some best chefs in India and the world over. On the other hand, Hiral is a big time foodie and a French Professor, having degree in French Literature from Mumbai University.
Looking into the need for good quality budget meals for working professionals and house parties Hiral came up with the idea for Eat Street LSD. Hiral also invested major part of her savings and money received as gifts during her wedding into this business and Vishal being a chef and also owner of famous fast food joint Big Sandwich Company supported his wife’s decision by setting up the entire operations for Eat Street LSD.
Eat Street LSD has started growing rapidly by having 2 satellite kitchens (Andheri and Powai) within 3 1/2 months of starting its operations. As it’s in a growing stage Eat Street LSD is serving nearly around 45 – 50 meals a day and has also arranged about 15 – 20 parties so far. Looking at the Modern trend Eat Street LSD is also accepting orders on its own website We also accept orders via traditional phone calls.
Eat Street LSD is looking forward to set up 10 – 12 satellite kitchens all across Mumbai in next 18 months and looking forward to serving 1800 – 2000 meals a day.

Dal Makhani with Rice
Dal Makhani with Rice

Our Experience: Over Linkedin, when Vishal requested me to give him a call, the moment I did, he told me that he would be ready to serve a meal the next day itself. So it was decided that he would send lunch for 2 people, Mom and me.
Vishal had said that lunch would arrive at 12.50 PM, sharp. But it was delayed. It came at 2.15 PM. Appearance was appetizing. But the food had cooled down. Vishal apologized later for it.
I had just told him that we are vegetarians and let him decide the menu for us. The dishes that he sent were Dal Makhani with rice and Paneer Kadhai with Lachcha Paratha.
The Luchcha Paratha is a type of food that is good when it is tava fresh. It is not sensible to send it for delivery over long distances. It had become rubbery by the time it reached us. But the taste was good. When more satellite kitchens are established, I am sure this problem will be taken care of.
The butter in Dal Makhani was less. When we prepare it at home we use more butter. I have also had this dish once before in a Punjabi Dhaba, where more butter was served with it. The dal gravy was also thinner than expected. Usually Rajma is ground and added to the dal. But here larger pieces of Rajma were found besides the usual udad.
Basmati rice was good and there were separate strands, which actually added to the good taste.
Coming to Paneer Kadhai, the taste was good. But the paneer could have been cut further into smaller pieces and if more of them had been added, it would have been better.
We usually have our lunch around 12.30 PM. Since we had to wait longer for the meal, we thought if one more dish had been added in the set, it would have been good.

Price: Dal Makhani with Rice – Rs.119/- and Paneer Kadhai with Luchcha Paratha – Rs.149/- Total – Rs.268/-

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