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Vinayaka Says
Vinayaka Says

Vinayaka Says

Today, I am sharing the post – Vinayaka Says where Vinayaka says how He appeared in our house, during this year’s Ganeshotsav Celebrations, in His own words.

Vinayaka Says

Dear Devotees,

                        This year, many of you have been unable to welcome Me at your homes, due to the lockdown. But, I live in this house permanently in different poses. For Me, Ganesha Navaratri is celebrated in this house from Ganesha Chaturthi to Ananta Chaturdashi, every year.

I was installed with my Mom, Haritalika Gauri, in the form of a turmeric pyramid, on Tritiya, itself. Swarna Gauri was also installed on that day. I was also installed on kumbha. My Pooja began on that day, itself. The next day, they installed the Ganesha idol bought from a shop, this year. They also made an idol with the mixture of clay, turmeric, sandalwood powder, ashtagandha, cow dung, durva grass, calotropis leaves, pipal leaves, neem leaves, rock salt, rose water, Gangajal and jaggery. I was installed as 2 idols made from the above materials representing the worship from both the lady’s daughters. This was done with all the other Ganesha idols because this was also Navaratri.

They performed Pooja twice a day and offered jaggery, puffed rice with jaggery and 21 big modaks as Prasad. My stomach got filled completely. I was treated like a VVIP, here. I am offered auspicious leaves also during the festival. They performed Pooja for 5 days and on the fifth day, they consigned me to water.

Yours affectionately,

Lord Ganesha.

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