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Vacancy But No Skills No Jobs
Vacancy But No Skills No Jobs

Vacancy But No Skills No Jobs

Recently, there was a debate in the political circles about the absence of jobs, the opposition blaming the center for the situation. The center insisted that jobs were in place but skilled personnel were not available to fill the vacancies.

How do students develop skill-sets to fill the available vacancies when the education system is becoming relaxed in letting the students pass with a higher percentage than they deserve? After passing these resolutions, the government laments that the students do not have the skills to be eligible for the available vacancies.

A girl, deserving almost 100% and having bagged 94% in the final exams, attempted suicide. This was because another girl, who had got 18% in the preliminary exams, had bagged 80% in the finals. The second girl was beautiful and the invigilators had allowed her to copy. They also helped her with answers.

There is another aspect that needs to be taken into account. The examiners look at the pattern of mistakes to give marks. But, the students don’t know the checking pattern and decide that what they have written is correct. In this situation, they do not even pick up life-skills, forget job-skills.

Even the school teachers and those of coaching classes do not have enough knowledge. How will they propagate proper education? Recently, an English teacher, having excellent spoken English language skills, was caught with minimum knowledge of the written language!

Students are taking the leniency in the education system for granted. If the older generation had been given such leniency, they would have got 1000 to 2000 % marks in their exams. A 15-year-old girl told A Journalist Reveals, “Our teacher said that someone should file public interest litigation (PIL) on this issue.”

A senior person in education said, “We do not ask for the strictness of the 1930-40s-50s. At least, if the system was similar to that of the 1960s, we can expect people with good knowledge and job-skills.”

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