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3SqrMeals Service Review

PR Mitali Jathar contacted me regarding their client 3SqrMeals.
Her mail said the following introducing her client: We are currently living a fast paced lifestyle and hardly have time for ourselves. Organizing meals daily can involve effort and time, thus we tend to check out what is easily and quickly available. The need of having great variety of easily available good healthy food which is tasty and affordable is unfulfilled and has led to the birth of 3SqrMeals.
3SqrMeals has been operational since March 2015 and is taking baby steps to ensure high quality products and great service. The service was first started with deliveries in Lower Parel and BKC in Mumbai and within a span of 6 months we have now also spread to Worli, Prabhadevi, Mahim and Dadar. Next on the cards are Fort, Churchgate, Nariman Point and Bandra (w) to be launched by the end of this month. While the service started as a pre-order only (order by 9 am for lunch delivery), with an increase in customer demand 3SqrMeals now also does on demand deliveries (within 45 minutes) to all areas between Prabhadevi and Bandra. The team is also looking at starting out dinners and snacks along with extending their geographical coverage.

Our Experience: Like other times, I suggested a food review but Mitali said her client would not be able to send the food beyond Andheri, where we live. Luckily, my sister’s office is located at Andheri and she immediately was ready to taste the food.
From that moment, Mitali and my sister were in touch regarding the delivery date and time. On the particular day, sis had requested a delivery before 12 PM. Though it was a little late and I had to co-ordinate a little bit, the food turned out to be good with few drawbacks.
The food had two packets – one had a salad with a dressing packed separately with an orange and the other packet had rice and roti wrapped in a foil in an aluminum container with the sabzi, veg methi masali and some 4 slices of cucumber packed separately in another container with an orange again.
The salad was delicious with exotic vegetables such as broccoli, avocado and asparagus along with corn and moong sprouts and the dressing. The roti was soft and good. The vegetable was also good but the mixed rice was undercooked. There were only 2 rotis and the mixed rice which was zeera rice filled only half the container. The two packets were for two people but my sister wasn’t sure because she found that if the roti, subzi and rice were for one person then even with the availability of orange it will be a bit inadequate.
In case both the parcels were for one person then it is more than enough and a very good option for ordering a meal as you get everything then – salad – an exotic one at that, fruit, roti, subzi and rice. The only thing lacking in the meal was a dessert. Having a sweet tooth, my sister missed it sorely. Its presence would have made her feel complete. She thus felt something lacking at the end of the meal so she ordered some dessert from a nearby restaurant.
The packing was adequate but tissue and plastic spoon and fork were missing.


After I received my sister’s feedback, I checked with Mitali for some details, which she gave me immediately. The packets contained Avacado Tomato salad and Veg Methi Masali. The ingredients of the dishes included the following: In the making of Avacado Tomato Salad, a balsamic vinaigrette dressing was used. And the ingredients are avacado, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, mixed seasonal veggies, grilled tofu/paneer chunks and lettuce.

My sister had shared the meals with her colleagues, who felt that Mom and I are pampering my little sister by sharing these opportunities and were already inquiring about the service. 🙂 Way to go 3SqrMeals!
Price: Rs.180/packet. Total Rs.360/-

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