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Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Bronchitis
Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Bronchitis

Common Winter Complaints (Part VII)

inuing with A Journalist Reveals’ series on Common Winter Complaints, today, we are sharing a post on lifestyle changes to avoid bronchitis. This is a sequel to the article on natural remedies for bronchitis. Inputs: Dr. Vinod Kumar Tiwari, head of Research and Development, Planer Herbs Lifesciences.

Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Bronchitis:
  • Consumption of plenty of fruits and veggies that provide essential vitamins and minerals but don’t produce mucus.
  • The usual dairy, fried and sugar-based foods should be avoided because they trigger mucus-production in our body.
  • Consumption of plenty of water (a glass – every 2 hours) can dilute the mucus inside the bronchial tubes. As a result, the cough is reduced and you can breathe easy.
  • Avoid active and passive smoking, completely. Studies have it that the current smokers have a higher degree of bronchitis that those who have never smoked. Keeping away from even the other lung irritants like dust, fumes, vapors and air pollution also works.
To be continued…

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