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Challenges in Different Relationships and Solutions

Let’s talk about the Challenges in Different Relationships and Solutions. Astro- Numerologist and relationship expert, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, helps us understand the situations and how to handle them.


Challenges in Different Relationships and Solutions

The little fights between two siblings, the flirtatious glances of lovers and scolding brimming with care from the parents… every relationship is unique and has its own tiny challenges. It’s these challenges that bring you closer than before and strengthen the connection.

Yet, sometimes you ignore these minor conflicts for too long, until it consumes your relationship. The damage goes beyond repair. Nothing remains. Then, there is nothing you can do to reverse it.

Hence, it’s better to look for the loopholes while there is still time and work on them. In this article, we deal with the most influential relationships of an individual’s lifetime, their most prominent challenges and how to face them, deal with them and bring the bond back to normal.

7 kinds of relationships along with solutions to deal with its challenges

There are 7 kinds of relationships in an individual’s life – parental – mother and father, grandparents, siblings, romantic – before and after marriage and one’s bestie.

1. Parental Relationship – Mother and her child

Being a mom is one of the most gratifying yet most excruciatingly demanding jobs in the world. They contribute to their children’s lives in every way possible. From playing the role of a homemaker to simultaneously handling jobs and leading businesses, many mothers feel their sacrifices are vastly unvalued and unseen.

As children are habituated to receiving care and unconditional love from their mother, they often mistake her efforts as her duty and not something they should be shown appreciation for. This lack of appreciation appears as the biggest barrier between the mother and her child.


While making a little child feel their survival depends on the mother is toxic and results in life-long trauma and personality disorders, the children should eventually learn to see their parents as not only providers but human beings with emotions.

Growing up, simple words like “thank you” and “I’m grateful for everything you do” will do the task to make the mommy feel appreciated. However, while transitioning from childhood to adulthood, a child should be aware of the sacrifices, hard work and love their mother puts in raising them. Dear children, show gratitude not because you need to, but because you recognize their efforts.

2. Parental Relationship – Father and his child

As a father, husband, son and working professional, many men are always running low on time. Lack of timeemerges as one of the major reasons why a father and his children often fail to make a solid bond.

Even though the father may work round the clock for his family, it’s common for the child to feel unvalued and unsupported.


Spending time with one’s father or children doesn’t require waiting for the weekend. Remember, it’s the little things that count. Small rituals such as having breakfast and dinner together, helping them get ready for school, doing household chores together, helping them with their errands and a simple but daily 10-15 minute chat will work just fine.

3. Familial Relationship – Siblings

It’s not always a smooth walk to share your parents’ love, time, toys and as elders, other necessities with your siblings, even if you love them to bits.

To add to that, pressure from major life changes makes the elder or more powerful sibling turn the weaker one into their victim for displaced aggression – a defense mechanism where they project their aggression towards the nearest and weakest one.


The first step toward recovery is to understand and accept your situation. Then, find a positive way to release your anger, via physical exercises, yoga and meditation.

Trying to calm themselves down with sound therapy and aromatherapy would be a good idea. Controlling your anger and resisting responses in the heat of the moment, would also be the right thing to do. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) may also bring relief.

To be continued…


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