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Six Pack Nutrition Whey Protein
Six Pack Nutrition Whey Protein

Six Pack Nutrition Whey Protein

A Journalist Reveals received a mail from the representative of Uth Beverage Factory regarding their protein products.


The mail said:

According to a recent IMRD report, 84% of the Indians consuming vegetarian foods are deficient in protein, while the number reduces to 65% for the non-vegetarians. This is due to the fact that 93% of the Indians are unaware of their ideal protein requirements. On the backdrop of this alarming data, IDA (Indian Dietician Association) have taken initiatives to encourage people to increase their protein intake every day and educate them about the importance of adequate protein in their body.

The scenario is really unnerving when we look at the consequences it is creating in the life of people leading to impaired muscle function, fatigue and poor metabolic health. More so because people do not consider this a serious health condition and they often ignore it.

Why Whey?

The mail also said:

It is time we address this problem and take initiative to overcome this grave situation and have a better lifestyle. A way of doing it is by including Whey protein in our daily diets. Whey is the simplest form of protein that contains essential amino acids with an ease of absorption that balances the protein requirement of the body. Not only that, it increases the strength, helps to gain muscles and lose significant body fats and clears skin.

Six Pack Nutrition, one of the leading nutrition brands in India with a specialization in premium quality whey protein supplements backed by ingredients from Glanbia Nutritionals and technology from innoWHEYte Nutrition, USA; is helping people to meet their protein requirements. The brand, through its stringent controls on procurement, manufacturing and distribution, brings the best in international ingredients and flavors within the reach of the mass. They specialize in premium quality protein supplements, protein bars with various flavors to suit your taste and isotonic drinks.

Our Take:

Uth Beverage Factory sent us Six Pack Nutrition Iso Pro – Whey Isolate Protein for review. According to the representative, it is for calorie conscious people – for those who want to lose weight and/or do not want additional fat or carb. The product’s target audience is everybody above the age of 18 years. But, it helped some senior citizens, too, as you will see from our review.

My parents and I have been having this product since the time we received it. My Dad is not well, right now. He got an emotional shock due to an incident that could have been avoided by a particular person (I am not going into details because this is not the right post for the same. But, I will definitely reveal it someday). My Mom is also not in a very healthy condition. She is taking care of the household because I am involved in a very important project and am not in a position to look into these things.

After having this drink, my Dad, who had to be helped to sit or stand, is better and my Mom is taking care of him alone, besides handing the routine stuff at home. I don’t have to say anything about myself. If my parents are up and about, the product would have had a good effect on me, right? Yes, it did. I used to feel very tired by the afternoon, every day. But, this product has raised my energy quotient.

Obviously, it is good for senior citizens and all age groups of older people. Children will love the taste. But, children below 15 years should avoid this product. I asked the representative if they have any product for children. They replied that as of now they do not have any such product.

Price: Rs. 3550 for one kg.


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