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Asian Paints Ultima Protek Ad

Asian Paints is one of the companies promoting its products with interesting ad campaigns. They have recently brought out the Asian Paints Ultima Protek Ad.


Asian Paints Ultima Protek Ad

The Asian Paints Ultima Protek is the latest offering from the company. Its visual media ad has an NRI girl looking for a husband. Accompanying her is a matchmaker. This is an old man, who is Gujarati; played by Ranbir Kapoor. When they pass a town, they see most of the houses and people covered with transparent plastic sheets. The girl asks the matchmaker why this is so. He replies that this is to save their houses (and themselves) from baarish, dhoop and dhool (rain, sun’s heat and dirt). The girl is not interested even though the grooms are tall and handsome, with perhaps good qualities.

They move on and come to a house without any transparent plastic covering. The girl tells the man to stop and gets down from the car. Moving closer to the bungalow without plastic covering, she discerns a young man (Ranbir Kapoor again). She asks the young man, why he hadn’t laminated his house. He replies that he has used a paint with lamination – the Asian Paints Ultima Protek. The girl decides to marry him and the matchmaker rejoices as the young people get close to each other.

Our Take

  1. Using a laminated paint is a smart choice. But, that does not mean that the person, who is using it, is an ideal husband. Nor does that guarantee that the person is single.
  2. Always roping in a celebrity for ads; hits artists, who do only modeling, hard.

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