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Murdered to Moksha Review

About the Book: A selfish, ruthless murderer, a husband who did away a 10 yr old girl’s mother and then attempted a suicide. Why? Financial problems? – no. Disputes with wife? – no. Mentally unstable? – no. Then, why? He was a murderer until… Murdered to Moksha is about a topic few have dared to write about. It deals with a quintessential question that how far can one go for love. Aarav the male protagonist had seen it all in life; he had been fed with a golden spoon and also had food with his bare hands. The female protagonist, Aarav’s wife Esha, has always been caring and loving, who always has supported Aarav thought thick and thin in life. At its core Murdered to Moksha is a love story woven around the core topic; can you kill a person you love? Yes, Aarav is convicted for life for killing his wife. Murdered to Moksha written by Rohit Shetty is being considered to be adapted as a movie.


About the Author: Born and brought up in Mumbai, Rohit Shetty is academically a Chemical Engineer. He has also been trained and certified in various Computer Courses. Rohit Shetty had always been interested in writing from a young age. An introvert, he would pen his emotions in the form of poetry, thus beginning his journey in the literary field. He has several awards and accolades to his credit. Rohit currently writes as a hobby, is into his family business and also heads First Step Publishing.

Our Take: The actual story is very small – comprises of 139 pages. The rest of the book consists of encyclopedia information about euthanasia, reports on different euthanasia incidents and how different states of the US legalized euthanasia and a suggestion to the Indian government to legalize euthanasia. The story begins with how Aarav is thrown out of his house by his own father and how his girlfriend Sneha to whom he had gifted a flat as an engagement gift does not have space for him. Then he erects his own business and marries his old friend Esha. There are a lot of flashbacks from the past. But the story goes steadily towards a steady rise to an award-winning entrepreneur, who suddenly plummets to the position of a murderer!

Sorry. We won’t tell the whole story. Read it for yourself. The only thing I would like to say is that though the story is good, it has been decorated with language that could have been better. There are a lot of mistakes in the language, grammar and spellings. Rohit could have used sophisticated words at several places. The novel needs a lot of editing. We read it only to learn how Esha was killed. But we would have enjoyed the better if the language was better.


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