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Child Prattle

  1. A little girl, studying in kindergarden, had just learnt capital and small letters of the English Alphabet. At home, she would be talking about what she had learnt. One day, when her mother took up a mop to clean the hall, she also came to clean. The mother said, “You should not clean the house, since you are a small girl.”

The little girl innocently asked, “Can you clean the house because you are a capital girl?”

  1. My NRI friend was going to America. I dejectedly said, “I will miss you. You are going so far away.”

My friend’s daughter immediately said, “We will be close enough for an email to reach!”

  1. The teleserails Karna was being telecast on Sony TV. Three to four 6 and 7 year old kids were watching the serial. One of them commented, when a scene with Drithrashtra and Gandhari was on, “These serial makers don’t know anything. Doctors can operate Gandhari and give one of her eyes to Dritharashtra. Then she can remove her blindfold. Each of them can have 1 eye!”



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