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Tearful Tribute to Our Spiritual Teacher
Tearful Tribute to Our Spiritual Teacher

Tearful Tribute to Our Spiritual Teacher

There will be very few people, knowing about Hindu spirituality, who would not know about Vishvesha Theertha Swamiji of Pejawar Matha, Udupi. So, I will not share again what people already know about him. However, I would like to share, how we have been connected to him, in this article – tearful tribute to our spiritual teacher.


Tearful Tribute to Our Spiritual Teacher

Being Vaishnava Madhwa Brahmins, Raghavendra Swami of Mantralayam Road happens to be one of my maternal grandfather’s ancestors. That is how we have a connection with Madhwacharyar, as well. The seers of the Ashtamatha of Udupi are followers of Madhwacharyar. Vishvesha Theertha Swamiji of Pejawar Matha, Udupi was the 13th in the direct sequence from Madhwacharyar.

My maternal grandfather lived in Delhi and he had a connect with the Raghavendra Swami Matha in Delhi. Thus, my grandpa would know when the seers of Udupi would visit the city. Since the Matha was small at that time and some function would be conducted there often, the seers would find it difficult to stay there. My grandpa, being a government servant, had been given a large bungalow as quarters. There was a courtyard as well.

The seers would bathe only in running rivers or well water. They would never bathe in tap water. My grandpa took permission from the government and arranged for a hand pump with a rubber washer for the convenient stay of the seers. Thus, these seers would stay with my grandfather during their visits to Delhi. The seers included those from Bhiman Katthe (not belonging to Udupi Matha), Adamar Matha, Pejawar Matha and Bandarkar Matha (Palimaru Matha).

The seers’ daily routine included mudhra dharana for elderly people. One day, Vishvesha Theertha had visited my grandpa and was performing mudhra dharana for older people. Mom was only 13 when she insisted that she should be given the mudhra as well because she was spiritually inclined. Because Mom was insistent, the seer told my grandparents that he would just pretend to do it and she would be convinced. But, some force jerked his hand and Mom got a proper mudhra. Everybody had tears in their eyes and decided that this was God’s will.

Vishvesha Theertha would give spiritual speeches during the evenings. Mom has been an orator and would be given a chance to say a few words about spirituality after his speech. She had a good voice and could be heard well without a mike. People would be silenced to listen to her oration due to her voice modulation.

During Navaratri, Mom would place Golu and with that scenes from our Mythology. Other seers had seen scenes from the Ramavatara and were so impressed that they said they had gone back to those times. Vishvesha Theertha had seen Krishnavatara. He enjoyed Shakatasura Vadha and Putana Vadha. He would be mesmerized and would sit on the bare floor to look at the scenes, without realizing it.

The seers would bless my Mom. Post her marriage, she was told that my Dad also had a connect with the Udupi Matha Gurus. So, we have the blessings of Udupi Matha Seers as well as Raghavendra Swami of Mantralayam Road. My sister and I are honored to have been born in this family.

All the Udupi seers I have mentioned in this article have attained their heavenly abodes. Their physical bodies have left us. But, their souls are still blessing us. I can write a thesis on this topic. But, I am concluding this article at this point, with tears in my eyes.

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