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2 Ladies Talking


2 Ladies Talking
2 Ladies Talking

1. Santa went to an auction. They were auctioning a mayna, who could even preach the Bhagavad Geeta. Santa remembered his cock and went back home to fetch it. When he brought the half asleep cock back to the auction, he told them to place his cock as well there. They could understand that it was a sick cock and was unconscious. They asked him, “What unique thing did it do?” He replied, “It meditates.”
2. A lady asked a girl, “Why do most boys place their hands in their pant pockets while talking to girls?” The girl replied, “They are worried the girls might tie a rakhi in their hands.”
3. One lady said, “If the daughter-in-law coming to their home is told about the habits of all the family members and all the responsibilities and she is told that she is the Master of the house, the relationships with not be judged by ego.” Her friend asked, “If the daughter-in-law started behaving like a cruel mother-in-law, then?”

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