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Large Gap Between Train Stairs and Platform

Humanity Reigns

We have heard of thieves stealing in different ways on the moving train or snatching bags while getting in. They also give poisonous biscuits to make innocent people unconscious and make them their prey. Among such thousand cases, we see a humane case. We are sharing one such incident today.

Large Gap Between Train Stairs and Platform
Large Gap Between Train Stairs and Platform

A family of husband, wife, the husband’s mother and 2 children were returning from a pilgrimage. They had to get down at a station where the train stopped for only 10 minutes. The old lady could not get down from the train since there was a large gap between the stairs and the platform. The lady’s son placed a suitcase on the platform for her to place her feet and went inside to get the remaining bags. But, she could not quite reach the suitcase even. 2 men were passing that way. One of them held her hands and the other man placed her feet one at a time on the suitcase. They helped her until she reached the platform. Before they turned to thank the men, they had already reached the other end of the platform. They were just spots in the distance.

The old lady said, “The Ram and Lakshman I pray to daily only came to help me.” Her son had just enough time to get down and take the suitcase away. The train started. If the old lady could not have had been able to get down, any kind of accident could have happened.

There are such divine people among devils.


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