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Psychological Advice – March (II) 2021

A Journalist Reveals brings to you the second installment Psychological Advice – March (II) 2021. Here, Ayushi Shah replies to a couple of questions from readers. If anybody wants replies to any issues plaguing them, they can write to us at


Q. I am a teenager and study in school. I am a little fat. My friends tease me about my body. What do I do? – Varsha.

A. Hey Varsha, I hope you are doing well. Okay, firstly you need to tell me if your weight is creating a problem for you in being healthy. If yes, then I think you should lose weight in a right manner just with the aim of remaining healthy. And about the teasing I would say it should not affect you till you do not see yourself as your friends see you. If your self-image is cute, chubby, healthy, then your friends’ comments should not bother you because at the end of the day the only thing which matters is what you think. And always remember when you react to someone’s teasing it increases because they get fun out of it. But when you too join them in the fact that there is nothing you can change about your body structure and when you learn to make fun of your own self; your friends will think she is not being affected any more by our comments and they will stop. Always remember the world will see you in the same way you see yourself. Sometimes, even self-deprecating humor is a strong weapon. I hope this helps you, Varsha.

Q. I am an undergraduate student. I was ragged by my seniors. Part of the ragging happened as a sexual assault. This has been taking a toll on my studies. I cannot forget the incident. What do I do? – Sanjana.

A. Hey Sanjana, I would say you are very strong and that you have the courage to speak about it. I would like to help you with this. The trauma you had gone through was really a bulk to be processed by your mind. Have you ever fallen while playing and you got a bruise on your hand or leg? I think you would have experienced pain and it persisted even till a week after that with some movements of the body. It keeps reminding us about the accident. In the same way, Sanjana, the trauma you have gone through was too big and painful for your mind to deal with. You need to understand that it is not a one-day thing that you would want to forget it and it will be gone. Your mind will have to understand that the incident was in the past and it’s over for good. And for this, I think you should see a therapist personally because till you don’t talk things out to someone, learn a strategy to overcome your past wounds and heal your past trauma you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else. Like when you are ill you need medicines in the same way when your thoughts are not doing well, you should talk them out to some professional. I hope this helps you, Sanjana!


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