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The work, you do during the day, may hurt your back. There are many exercises that help you to minimise these problems. Yoga particularly is very effective in even eliminating such health issues. spoke to yoga expert Fareena Redkar to get more insights into the issue.

Fareena Redkar
Fareena Redkar

Benefits: One such asan for relaxing the back is Kandrasana. This asana not only relaxes the spine, but also makes the spine flexible and is effective against waist and back pain. Regular practice can systematize digestion and menstruation in women due to the stretching in it. It also regulates the functioning of the uterus and thyroid gland. It also helps in bronchial asthma and tonsil problem. It also increases the strength of the thigh muscle.

Resting Position for Kandrasan
Resting Position for Kandrasan

1. Lie on your back.
2. Fold your legs and bring your feet close to your hips.
3. Keep your legs in a vertical position.
4. Try to hold your feet in the same position.
5. Slowly lift your hips as high as you can. Do not do it in a jerk.
6. Bring your hips down to the resting position again.
7. Repeat 10 times.
8. Experts can even retain the higher position for 10-20 counts.
9. If you feel stretching on your thigh and stomach and pressure on your neck and back, then you can be sure you are practicing the asana in the right way.
Contra-indications: Spondilytis and neck-related other ailments and even if you are prone to cramps on the neck, you should not do this asana. Besides if you have severe issues related to your knees also avoid this asana.


Disclaimer: New yoga enthusiasts please perform these asanas only under expert guidance.



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