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Yogasana of the week



It’s yoga time again and we at A Journalist Reveals contacted yoga expert Neha Govindan to enlighten us about a very important asana Bhujangasana, which is a part of even Surya Namaskara. This is what she had to say: Bhujang means cobra in Sanskrit, and the movements in Bhujangasana are ...

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Sitting Asanas

Yoga has been called a way of life. So this time we decided we do a session with yoga expert Geetu Gidwani, where we would understand where to start. Thus we got enlightened about the different sitting asanas, which are the basic poses of yoga and after sitting in these ...

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Today’s asana is Paschimottasana and we roped in yoga expert Jharna Singh to enlighten us about it. This is another asana which helps you with digestion and relaxes you. For more over to Jharna. Paschim literally means west. It implies to the back of the whole body from head to ...

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The work, you do during the day, may hurt your back. There are many exercises that help you to minimise these problems. Yoga particularly is very effective in even eliminating such health issues. spoke to yoga expert Fareena Redkar to get more insights into the issue. Benefits: One such ...

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