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Orthodox Vs Conservative Vs Broad-minded Vs Open-minded

Today’s post is Orthodox Vs Conservative Vs Broad-minded Vs Open-minded. Here we explore the etymology of the words Orthodox, Conservative, Broad-minded and Open-minded and compare it with how they are used now.


The dictionary meaning of orthodox is – “following or conforming to the traditional or generally accepted rules or beliefs of a religion, philosophy, or practice.”


Moderns, with slight inclination toward traditions, prefer to call themselves conservative. The dictionary meaning of conservative is – being “averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values.”


The dictionary meaning of Broad-minded is “being tolerant or liberal in one’s views and reactions”.


Open-minded is the attitude to accept changes as they are without considering their being bad or good for anyone.

Orthodox Vs Conservative Vs Broad-minded Vs Open-minded

Orthodox people do not see eye-to-eye with change. Conservatives may relax some of the stringent rules. Often, orthodox people call themselves in a sophisticated way as conservative. On the other hand, broad-minded people are more modern than conservatives. But, the word broadminded has been corrupted in recent times. People have mixed it with open-mindedness, which is wrong. I have seen several people post jobs on the job portal Craiglist, looking for broadminded female secretaries, who would be ready to have fun during office hours!


It is neither good to be rigid about not accepting changes nor accept changes without thinking about the consequences.

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