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Past Life Regression – a Case-Study
Past Life Regression – a Case-Study

Past Life Regression – a Case-Study

A Journalist Reveals was on the lookout for someone, who could help us with some information on Past Life Regression, for a long time. We, recently, encountered Barkha Prabhakar, who agreed to share some insights on Past Life Regression – a Case-Study. According to her:


What is past life regression?

As we know, to regress is to go back in time. Past Life Regression or PLR takes you back in time to another lifetime or re-incarnation on this physical plane. The concept of PLR is not new in India as our Mythology and Vedic stories are filled with re-incarnation events. But, PLR is relatively new for Western society.

Ironically, it was in the US that PLR began gaining acceptance. PLR was discovered as a therapy tool in the following way –

A well known American psychologist and hypnotherapist named Dr. Brian Weiss stumbled upon a client’s past life purely by accident. He was regressing a patient called Catherine during a normal hypnosis therapy session when she slipped into spontaneous PLR and began relating events and landmarks from another time that did not exist any longer!

Dr. Weiss, like any westerner, did not believe in reincarnation at that time so after the session, he actually took this patient (physically) back to the location in which she claimed to have been at another time. He double-checked the data she had related during the hypnosis and all of it was true!

The buildings that she said existed at that time were, in fact, there but many years ago, now replaced with modern structures. She knew names of streets and people who lived there. All this information proved to be true.

This incident threw open the completely new and, so far, unexplored world of past lives and the implications of human immortality, in a way!

Past Life Regression – a Case-Study
Barkha Prabhakar

About Barkha Prabhakar:

Barkha Prabhakar is a hypnotherapist. Originally educated in Communication and Psychology, Barkha holds a Masters Degree in English Literature, with Psychology as her second subject, followed by a Post Graduation degree in Public Relations and Advertising. Prior to being a Clinical Hypnotherapist, she has worked in the Communications industry for more than 11 years.

To be continued…

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