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Color Rangoli

Naraka Chaturdashi (IInd and Concluding Part)

Like mentioned in the previous post, North Indians use the water they had prepared on Dhan Triyodashi for bathing with some fragrant powder called uptan. They, then, wear new clothes, draw color rangoli wherever they can and place oil lamps at strategic locations. They perform pooja to Lord Krishna to ask for Moksha and protection from hell. There is a story connected to this:

Color Rangoli
Color Rangoli

Ratidev was a famous, brave and saintly king. When he was about to die, Yama Dootas came to take him to hell. He asked, “Why am I being subjected to the tortures of hell when I have never done a sinful deed?”

The Yama Dootas replied, “Once, a guest came to your door and left in hunger. You did not even honor him with speech. That is why; you will have to endure the torture of the hell for a few days.”

King Ratidev asked them to wait for a while. They waited because he was a saintly person and had committed only one sin.

The king immediately called for a meeting of his ministers and arranged for donations of food, clothes and money. That day was Naraka Chaturdashi. If we donate things on this day, Yama is favored.

Oil Lamp
Oil Lamp

The Yama Dootas were happy and took the king to heaven.

Moral: We should serve guests with our soul and money. We should give at least a little from what we have. We should never insult them. If they are insulted, we will land in hell.

On Naraka Chaturdashi, North Indians keep this story in mind and light oil lamps.

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