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Back Hacks

  1. Those, who have back pain, are advised to rest on their back, after spreading a bed sheet on the floor. But, today, the floors are made of marble, granite and other such materials, which has the power to pull positive energy into it. It is not advisable even to walk in bare feet on them. In such cases, you need to get a plywood of the size 3 by 6 feet and lie on that.
  2. Too much walking or too much sitting can cause swollen feet. If there is a pain, massage mustard oil, heated with garlic pieces. It is advised to place your feet on at least a couple of pillows and then lie down.
  3. Normally, everybody may want to lie down on cane mats with thin pillows to maintain the natural shape of the body. Those, who have arthritis, need to lie on mattresses and beds.

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