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Past Life Regression - A Case-Study
Past Life Regression - A Case-Study

Past Life Regression – a Case-Study (IIIrd and Concluding Part)

Barkha Prabhakar shares some insights on a case that came to her. Continuing from the previous part, this is what she had to say about her case in the final part.


Could they talk about their past life easily?

Yes, but only when under a deep hypnotic state. She accessed multiple lives, in which she saw herself married. We could also access her soul path wisdom, in which showed that she had chosen to not get married in the present life as her marriage karma was over. Incidentally, this is the case with many people in the world today. Their marriage karma is over but the habit is not!

What was in their past?

She had happy lifetimes with various partners and a lot of children.

What came out of it? How could you solve their problems?

Once she viewed that she had already experienced marriage many times and that experience was done for her soul, there was that signatory ‘aha’ moment, where it all made sense to her.

When we conduct PLR, the most important part is the dying thought on which you leave the body and the talk that one has with one’s soul or higher self between 2 lives. This offers in-depth insight into the soul story and changes perception that impacts the present day lives.

Did they return to you with updates?

Yes, she feels more confident and free!

How did these sessions help them later in life?

She was no longer obsessed with getting married. She also realized that she never really wanted to. It was only her family, friends and society in general, who influenced her belief systems. She was programmed into believing that it’s important for every woman to get married and have children or she remains incomplete.

Can we do these sessions often? How frequently (because there might be several issues in their lives)?

Everyone has one core issue to overcome. All their problems revolve around this one theme.

Each lifetime has just one broad lesson to learn such as “Trust”, “Ovecoming fear”, “Unconditional acceptance”, etc.  The core issue is usually connected to the life lesson. Everyone learns it in their own way via unique lessons designed especially for each individual.

So to answer your question, one can visit past lives as often as it is required. But usually one or two sessions of PLR cover the core issue and other related matters. I have never had to do more than 2 PLRs with any client, during which, of course, we have visited close to 6 or 7 past lifetimes!

Barkha Prabhakar
Barkha Prabhakar

About Barkha Prabhakar:

Barkha Prabhakar is a hypnotherapist. Originally educated in Communication and Psychology, Barkha holds a Masters Degree in English Literature, with Psychology as her second subject, followed by a Post Graduation degree in Public Relations and Advertising. Prior to being a Clinical Hypnotherapist, she has worked in the Communications industry for more than 11 years.


About Yashaswini K

Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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