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Colgate Strong Teeth Ad

Colgate has been coming up with interesting ads. The latest from their side is Colgate Strong Teeth Ad.


Colgate Strong Teeth Ad

Colgate Strong Teeth Ad shows 2 boys shaking a tree. Their badminton cock is stuck in between the branches at the top. The boys are unable to shake the tree. When they step aside, their friend, a girl, shakes the tree single handed and the cock drops on the head of one of the boys. The boys ask her about her feat. She replies that she uses Colgate Strong Teeth toothpaste, which keeps her teeth healthy and that in turn helps her chew her food properly. This results in her getting the right nutrition from her food and that gives her the strength to move the tree.

Our Take

The ad is obviously ridiculous because the 2 boys are standing on opposite sides of the tree pushing it together! Newton’s Third Law of Motion says that every action has equal and opposite reaction. The 2 boys are pushing or forcing the tree to move at the same time from opposite sides. The forces will cancel each other. 🙂 Obviously, when the ‘fragile’ girl pushes the tree alone, it moves on whichever side she pushes and the cock drops down.

Ads always exaggerate, it is a known fact. But, instead of the above, we suggest the following – the boys can be standing on one side and their combined force does not work. So, the girl also pushes the tree, together with the other 2 kids and the work is accomplished.

What do our readers think? We would be happy to receive comments on this.


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