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Deva Uthani Ekadashi Pooja

Deva Uthani Ekadashi

4 months back there was a day called Deva Shayani Ekadashi when the Gods go into Yoga Nidra. Since then, in the 4 months, no auspicious activities are performed. Spiritualists and ascetics take up vratas, vigorously during these Chaturmasya. After the Dashami, post-Amla Navami comes, Deva Uthani Ekadashi.


On Deva Uthani Ekadashi, Gods wake up. On Dashami itself, we have to draw rangoli and perform auspicious activities at the worship place. The next day after cleansing ourselves, we have to decorate the worship place and place the idols, photos, Tulasi plant, Shalagrama, Shankha, Hari Paduka, Sri Paduka, Sri Yantra, etc. there.

We have to wake the Gods by playing the Shankha. Placing the photos or idols of Lord Anantha Padmanabha and Goddess Lakshmi is auspicious. Some people perform Tulasi Vivaha also on this day. But, we performed the engagement of Lord Krishna and Tulasi on this day. We usually perform the wedding on the Dwadashi only. We have shared the photo with it.

From this day, engagement, marriage, the opening of any business, opening of hospitals, etc. can be performed. Always, performing a pooja is important. But, some people begin these activities after performing black magic and hitting stray dogs. This results in the complete flop of the business. We have to inaugurate the business through good people, as well.

In some regions of India, boys collect food grains, vegetables, etc. from the villagers and performing bhajans, they prepare food and sweets. Then, they distribute it to the villagers.

Performing pooja with flowers and Tulasi is very important on this day. For 5 days from this day, if we bathe in rivers; we will acquire several brownie points of punya.


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